Tarragon Egg Salad

Egg salad sandwiches are great. Creamy yellow and white hard-boiled eggs on a piece of hearty toasted bread. Simple, easy and tasty. For me, this is real comfort food. Unfortunately, Berlin cafe’s and sandwich joints rarely have the good stuff. Here, egg sandwiches usually consist of half a white bun with butter and some sliced … Continue reading

Homemade Mayonnaise

I am a big fan of Mayonnaise. Anyone who knows me, knows this. But unfortunately, here in Berlin good mayonnaise is hard to come by. Most German supermarkets only carry two major brands of mayonnaise: Thomy’s Mayo and Miracle Whip. There is no nice way to say this but they both suck. No wonder German’s prefer … Continue reading

Quiche with leek

On a sunny saturday afternoon in January, we decided to try our hand at quiche. Here in Berlin, it is not always easy to find a great slice of quiche and so we figured we should make it ourselves. But our motivation also had a second factor. Anna is lactose-intolerant and it has been years … Continue reading

A topinambour soup for a winter’s day in Berlin

Topinambour, or Jerusalem Arthichoke, as it is also known, was at the heart of our Saturday afternoon cooking session this past week. Tompinambour is an odd shaped root vegetable, originating from North America.  In fact it was once called “Canadian Potato”. This is surprising considering I had not actually heard of it before moving to Berlin and had … Continue reading

Berlin Lunchbox lives

A Berlin based blog about food, cooking with local ingredients, food photography, and local restaurants. We cook a lot. We eat a lot. We have fun in the process. The Berlin Lunchbox will feature meals for every season! We have gotten to the point in our cooking where we can begin to make our own … Continue reading

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