Berlin Lunchbox Panzanella

We have just recently seeded some tomato plants for our community garden, StadtGarten. We put together this colorful salad to remind us what is to come once the fresh vegetables finally arrive. Can’t wait to make it again with our own produce. A Panzanella is a classic Florentine Italian dish, which consists of chopped veggies especially tomatoes … Continue reading

Parmesan Crisp

This is a pretty easy and quick way to add a special touch to an otherwise simple dish. These crisps can be used as garnish in salads or in soups. We often mix the parmesan with a fresh herb like thyme or oregano, but you can make these with just the cheese. If you want … Continue reading

Eggs Florentine

While virtually every restaurant in Berlin serves a brunch buffet on Sundays with German classics ranging from cold-cuts, smoked salmon to “Rührei” (scrambled eggs), it is rare to find a place that serves up proper brunch dishes. A couple weeks ago we discovered “California Breakfast Slam“, a weekly pop-up brunch event which has moved several … Continue reading

How to poach an egg

Since poaching eggs can be somewhat tricky, here’s a small description of how I usually do it: 1) In a large pot heat some water with a couple tablespoons of vinegar until it is gently simmering. 2) Crack an egg into a soup ladle and slide the egg carefully into the simmering water. 3) Set … Continue reading

Brunch favorite: Bratkartoffeln

A tasty side dish for a hearty brunch is the classic German “Bratkartoffeln” (home-fried potatoes). My favorite way to prepare them is with duck fat as the special ingredient. It gives a really nice, rich taste to the potatoes. Now you might wonder, where the hell do I get duck fat from? Well, whenever we … Continue reading

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