Strawberry, Spinach, Rice Salad

Heidi Swanson‘s Super Natural Every Day introduced us to a whole new side of healthy cooking. In her book, Swanson channels the San Franscisco organic & local culinary tradition, all the while creating a collection of relatively easy, quick & tasty dishes to try out. Many of her recipes have pushed us to experiment with … Continue reading

Mango Strawberry Smoothie

We finally got a blender a few months ago and I have been re-discovering the joy of fresh¬†blended juices. Ours is not the best blender in the world, but it can make a mean smoothie! I am amazed that juice stands here in Berlin can get away with charging so much for a smoothie considering … Continue reading

Ravioli with sweet potato and goat cheese filling in thyme butter

We hope you enjoyed our last post about how to make¬†fresh pasta. Our favorite way of using the dough is to make homemade ravioli. There are so many different kinds of fillings and sauces you can experiment with. Some of our favorites are duck-apple filling with a dark demi-glace sauce, a porcini-mushroom and chestnut filling … Continue reading

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