Huevo en Torta

Back in June, I was on vacation in southern Arizona. Apart from the amazing landscape, I really enjoyed the local food which is often strongly inspired by nearby Mexico.  Although I was just passing briefly through Phoenix, I had one of the best dishes of my trip there, Heuvo en Torta (egg torta), at a small restaurant called Gallo blanco.

Back in Berlin, we recreated a version of this dish with ingredients available here for a yummy and filling Sunday lunch.

The Recipe

Egg torta

serves 2 people

2 Bolillos (Mexican bun, you can make your own if you have left over yeast dough from making pizza), or use Ciabatta as a replacement

50g spicy Chorizo (optional)

1 ripe Avocado

125g  red beans (about half a can)

3-4 eggs

1 lemon or lime

Chop the chorizo into small cubes and fry with some olive oil in a large pan on medium heat for a couple minutes. Cut the bolillos in two halves and fry in the pan so that they get crispy and soak up the spicy chorizo flavours. If you want to cook a vegetarian version, you can fry the bread in some olive oil  seasoned with some Chilis, ground Paprika and Cayenne pepper. Take the bread out of the pan, add the beans and fry for about 5 minutes on medium heat. Mix in the eggs and fry until cooked through. Put the spicy egg-bean mixture on the bolillo, top it with some Avocado slices and season with some salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon or lime. Serve while still hot and enjoy!

One Response to “Huevo en Torta”
  1. emmycooks says:

    Yum! I often put leftover frittata slices in sandwiches, but I never think to cook eggs especially for one. This looks delicious! I love those flavors too. 🙂

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