Homemade fresh pasta

I still remember how excited we were when we made our own pasta for the first time about two years ago. The process itself is surprisingly simple, but it requires a whole lot of time – you need a free afternoon – and strong underarms (which you will inevitably develop after making fresh pasta a … Continue reading

Parmesan Crisp

This is a pretty easy and quick way to add a special touch to an otherwise simple dish. These crisps can be used as garnish in salads or in soups. We often mix the parmesan with a fresh herb like thyme or oregano, but you can make these with just the cheese. If you want … Continue reading

How to poach an egg

Since poaching eggs can be somewhat tricky, here’s a small description of how I usually do it: 1) In a large pot heat some water with a couple tablespoons of vinegar until it is gently simmering. 2) Crack an egg into a soup ladle and slide the egg carefully into the simmering water. 3) Set … Continue reading

Homemade Mayonnaise

I am a big fan of Mayonnaise. Anyone who knows me, knows this. But unfortunately, here in Berlin good mayonnaise is hard to come by. Most German supermarkets only carry two major brands of mayonnaise: Thomy’s Mayo and Miracle Whip. There is no nice way to say this but they both suck. No wonder German’s prefer … Continue reading

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