Lentil Stew with Apple

With winter comes that craving for heartier, warm meals. While Berlin weather is substantially milder than my native Canada, the desire for this kind of recipe is no different here. In fact, many German dishes are perfect for winter time cooking. This recipe is a typical german lentil stew, a great dish for a chilly … Continue reading

French Onion Apple Soup for a cold fall day

As fall settles in over Berlin, it seems as though we all start craving some comfort food. And in this weeks post, we have a great dish to satisfy this craving. French Onion Soup is a classic fall dish and, like most classics, it can easily be tweaked to be just a little bit better. … Continue reading

Broccoli Celery Potage

Cream of broccoli was once one of my favorite soups. Nowadays we cook almost everything dairy-free, and so cream of broccoli soup has become only a distant memory. Until now! I tried out this soup a few weeks ago by chance and was surprised to find it tastes really quite good, even though it is totally free … Continue reading

A topinambour soup for a winter’s day in Berlin

Topinambour, or Jerusalem Arthichoke, as it is also known, was at the heart of our Saturday afternoon cooking session this past week. Tompinambour is an odd shaped root vegetable, originating from North America.  In fact it was once called “Canadian Potato”. This is surprising considering I had not actually heard of it before moving to Berlin and had … Continue reading

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