Braised Beans and Savoy Cabbage

This cabbage, bean, bacon and potato dish is truly surprising. It doesn’t sound like much, and to be honest it doesn’t really look like all that much either. But it is incredibly tasty and so easy to throw together that we inevitably make it at least once a month. This dish seems like it’s straight … Continue reading

Flammkuchen 2-ways: Sweet and Savory

Does Flammkuchen exist in North America? Somehow, I highly doubt it. I don’t remember ever seeing this on a menu, or in a recipe book there. It was only after moving to Berlin 5 years ago that I discovered this pizza-like pie dish. Flammkuchen (or Tarte Flambée in French) originates from the region of France that borders Germany, Alsace. … Continue reading

Glazed salmon with cucumber

A few weeks ago, our dear friend Gab came to visit us in Berlin. She is one of the best cooks we know and so, as we do every time she visits, we asked her to show us to a new recipe. We didn’t have the time we usually have for a long leisurely dinner … Continue reading

Classic Potato Salad with Kick and Crunch

This recipe is one of our favorites. It is a novel take on the classic potato salad, yet it avoids being too creamy, oily or too heavy. It relies on the cooked leak, vinegar and the whole grain mustard for the flavor (the kick) and the celery to add a little crunch. The idea stems … Continue reading

Broccoli Celery Potage

Cream of broccoli was once one of my favorite soups. Nowadays we cook almost everything dairy-free, and so cream of broccoli soup has become only a distant memory. Until now! I tried out this soup a few weeks ago by chance and was surprised to find it tastes really quite good, even though it is totally free … Continue reading

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