Lentil Stew with Apple

With winter comes that craving for heartier, warm meals. While Berlin weather is substantially milder than my native Canada, the desire for this kind of recipe is no different here. In fact, many German dishes are perfect for winter time cooking. This recipe is a typical german lentil stew, a great dish for a chilly … Continue reading

Chicory and Chicken Salad

We usually make some sort of poultry around christmas. This year, we picked up a big chicken from our local Bioladen (organic food shop) and roasted it up on Christmas Eve. But as there was only 2 of us eating an entire chicken, we were left with good amounts of leftovers. Luckily, I have a … Continue reading

Quiche with leek

On a sunny saturday afternoon in January, we decided to try our hand at quiche. Here in Berlin, it is not always easy to find a great slice of quiche and so we figured we should make it ourselves. But our motivation also had a second factor. Anna is lactose-intolerant and it has been years … Continue reading

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